Positive Queensland Health review for project

Maroochydore Sands has welcomed news that Queensland Health has declared the project will pose no health risk… read more

Sand mine boss vows to protect children’s health, safety

The director of the company pushing for a sand extraction site at Forest Glen says he has no intentions of creating a harmful development… read more

UQ and WHO expert says Forest Glen sand project safe

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Enviro groups say sand mine concerns can be solved

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‘No reason for concern’: sand project director

Maroochydore Sands director Michael Mullins has moved to address environmental concerns raised about the sand mining project proposed for Maroochydore Rd, saying the community was unnecessarily concerned… read more

Sand plant project ‘as dangerous as a day on the beach’

The director of the company behind the controversial proposal for a Forest Glen sand extraction site says the development is not a sand mine… read more